Default screen image of BarCalc on an iPhone 4 device.
Screenshot of BarCalc keypad.

Input any weight. See it on the bar.

Your weight of choice is instantly represented as a visualization of the loaded barbell and a list of plates. BarCalc lets you worry about hitting your lift, not loading the bar.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating plate inventory management.

Set your inventory.

Not every gym has a full complement of plates. Let BarCalc know your plate counts and only the weights that you have on hand will be used to build the total load.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating olympic lifting, powerlifting, and training weight sets.

Follow competition standards.

BarCalc conforms to IWF and IPF weight colors and dimensions. Switch between olympic, powerlifting, bumper, and iron plates to match your lifting style of choice.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating percentage calculation.

Find any percentage — fast.

Loads can be instantly converted to any percentage for training progressions. Work through multiple percentages for programs like Wendler 5/3/1 without having to re-enter your original weight.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating barbell load rounding.

Round your bar load, automatically.

If your total bar load can’t be built with the weights on hand, BarCalc will automatically down to the nearest buildable weight and display the difference.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating unit conversion.

Convert between kilograms and pounds with Convert Mode.

Enter in your familiar unit and BarCalc will calculate the closest conversion and display the remainder. No more back of napkin conversions at a meet.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating plate-by-plate addition.

Add weight. Plate-by-plate.

Bar loads can be built up plate-by-plate. Add and remove plates individually to quickly visualize your next lift.

Screenshot of BarCalc illustrating multiple barbell weights.

Swap your bar.

Both men’s and women’s standard barbell weights and collars are included in pounds and kilograms, so you can get an accurate measurement of your total lift.

Get BarCalc 1.0 for iPhone & iPod

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS version 4.2 or later.